Wheat: the power house of human energy!


Wheat is the most prominent member of the grass family. It’s a cereal grain known as the most popular staple food. About 95% of the wheat grown on the planet is known as bread wheat. It’s the cereal with the highest monetary yield in its category.

It is considered the most popular grain after maize. However, wheat tops the chart when it comes to worldwide trade.

Wheat is the major source of vegetable protein in human food. Today, India is one of the highest producers of wheat across the globe, It is the reason traders and manufacturers from across the globe flock here to get their top-quality slice.

At Navdin, we supply both organically and inorganically grown wheat secure from any chemical contamination during the process of cropping, harvesting, and storing. Thus, these virtues make us one of the trusted suppliers of wheat globally.

How to order wheat?

Today India is known for its high-quality yield of wheat supply across the planet. Importers and manufacturers from across the globe flock here to get the best quality harvests.

Navdin works closely with seasoned harvesters and makes sure that you receive the most in-demand wheat right in your city without any hassle.

Health benefits & usage of wheat

Wheat is a common part of our daily lives. Anything that we eat from morning to night will have wheat for sure. Typically, wheat is milled into flour and used for wide array of food items including muffins, biscuit, bread, cookies, cereal bars, sauces, noodles, confectionaries, crumpets and many more.

  • Increases energy

    Vitamin B content is the powerhouse for supplying energy to the human body. The complex carbohydrate in wheat keeps you energized for long.

  • Controls obesity

    When it comes to controlling body weight in women, wheat is a catalyst. Wheat has a natural ability to control body weight. Women who consume wheat for a long period of time showed considerably lesser weight than others.

  • Controls diabetes

    A major part of wheat contains Magnesium which helps naturally to regulate the secretion of insulin and glucose inside the human body which leads to controlled diabetes.

  • Improves metabolism

    Wheat plays a crucial role in streamlining your indigestions and eventually leads to proper metabolism in the human body.

  • Controls disorders like Asthma, Cancer and other serious diseases

    Wheat with rich fiber content keeps our digestive system in proper shape and the mineral regulates a proper metabolism. Such attributes keep the human body safe from fatal disorders like cancer & asthma.

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