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Indian seafood export industry size is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. Being a peninsula, India is one of the largest exporters of seafood on the planet.

Suppliers & producers from across the globe flock here round the year to procure the best-in-class exotic seafood for their businesses.

Navdin’s team supply top varieties of seafood such as live crab, dry prawn and much more right at your city without any hassle. We ensure that your seafood remains fresh and intact during transit with right packaging & coolant.

How to get seafood?

At Navdin, we help you get the most exquisite and in-demand varieties of seafood such as live crab, dry & frozen prawn sourced from the most credible suppliers from across the country. All that you need to do is to just give us a buzz, our seafood team will get back to you with lightning speed.

Crabs: king of all sea foods!

The demand of crab in the global market has taken a quantum leap in last few decades. Crab being one of the top items in the seafood menu not only serves you with its delicious taste but also caters with a wide range of health benefits. Let us have a quick tour of how crabs play the role of a lifesaver.

  • Protects the heart

    Omega-3 fatty acid content in crabs is pretty high which helps the human body to cut down the substantial amount of cholesterol. It helps you to reduce blood pressure and prevents the formation of atherosclerosis that secures your life from fatal heart attacks.

  • Strengthens your bone health

    Phosphorous is the primary component of crab meat and the most powerful agent that strengthens our bones. It’s naturally found in our bones and tooth. Crabs in food can definitely help you boost your bone strength.

  • Rich source of protein

    Prawns are the best alternatives for protein-rich foods. One of the notable facts is that it lowers your saturated fat intake which is predominantly a primary content of most of the protein-rich food and still it meets all the protein requirements of a healthy food.

    Apart from health benefits, today the demand for dry prawns has unbelievably skyrocketed. Numerous food producers consider dry prawns as one of the best tastemakers.

Dry prawns- let’s go bit fishy!

Dry prawns are the best examples of food having very less calorie but highly rich in nutrients. Dry prawns with its aroma of prawn family can blend with any type of recipe and can give it a fresh new exotic taste. Apart from the taste quotient and it also adds significant value to the health benefits.

  • Improves immunity

    Selenium is one of the major minerals in all types of crabs. It directly impacts the growth of your immune system and plays the role of antioxidants to protect the body from chronic diseases. Selenium along with high riboflavin contain in crab meat helps the growth of antioxidants in your body.

    Apart from the above benefits crabs in your food can show tremendous health benefits that include cutting down inflammation, body detoxification, and increased cognition as well.

  • Prevents Thyroid

    Being one of the best sources of Iodine, an important mineral that most of folks are deficient in, it tremendously helps to improve your brain and thyroid conditions.

Navdin’s Packaging Best Practices

To keep your seafood safe during transit, we follow packaging best practices with the right container & coolant that best-fits to your shipping duration & shipping mode.

We use flexible packaging such as frozen containers, laminated pouches, vacuum-sealed bags, realizable zip locks, easy-open tear notches, and leak-proof and airtight seals, these seafood packaging serves as the best ways for keeping live crabs, dry & frozen seafood items flavourful, fresh and secure from environmental contaminants.

No matter what your requirement is, in terms of type and volume, Navdin will be more than happy to help you.

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