Barley: the king of all cereals!


Barley is one of the most popular cereals on the planet known as Jau in India. It is the most important cereal after maize, rice & wheat. It is called the king of all cereals. So as to use it in various food production, it is processed into malt.

It’s an incredible cereal that has a nutlike flavor and a pretty chewy and pasta-like consistency.

Barley is widely used for fodder & food. Mainly, it’s quite popular in the beer and feeds manufacturing industries. With the surging demand for beer across the globe, the demand for barley is also growing with each passing day. About 90% of the world’s malt comes from barley.

Furthermore, barley is the leading provider of organic and natural cosmetic ingredients to the and personal & beauty care market. The barley extract comprises a mist that forms a thin layer of moisture on the skin that makes the skin smooth with a layer that can be rinsed off easily by draining any pollutants with it.

How to get Barley?

Navdin team works closely with trusted cultivators and harvesters. Our storage is equipped to store barley in a 100% moisture-free environment and we are prepared around the year with export-ready barley.

The team makes sure that you get high-quality and well-preserved and packaged with your desired quality and quantity right in your town within time.

Health benefits of Barley

Apart from its industrial use to manufacture food items and beer, it has notable health benefits that make it the King of cereals. Let us have a quick tour of the health benefits of cereals.

  • Increases energy

    The barley fiber helps your body to maintain the consistency of bacteria volume that helps in smooth digestion. It is also a strong agent to impact lipid metabolism and bowel function.

  • Weight Loss

    Barley is one of the efficient agents of a strong weight loss diet. It smoothens your stool which effectively regulates the speedy exit of toxins and waste from the body.

  • Skin care

    Since barley is stuffed with selenium it acts as an efficient element to smoothen your skin and retain elasticity. It prevents wrinkles and radical changes.

  • Reduces heart disorders

    Barley is gifted with nature’s best nutrients such as Copper, Magnesium, Vitamin B3 niacin, and vitamin B3 thiamine, which helps in cutting down cholesterol, blood pressure, and other factors that trigger heart issues.

    When it comes to health benefits Barley can showcase an endless list. It falls under the category of highly beneficial food items.

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